cdm - "What happens when you make a 100-oscillator synth?"

Yes, there was another article with a few words about ghostix labors. Very interesting I think, because the idea was born in this moment, right in front of the camera. The material from this underground trip got lost and when he found it again, he went in a rush and created this 100 Oscillator Monster in quite a very short time, because he wanted the answer from the computer, but this time it wasn't just 42! ( Article in english )

GEARNEWS - So klingen 100 Oszillatoren – gibt es „zu viel“?

So many cool things happened this year! I had the chance to meet up with Look Mum No Computer in person and came up with some ideas for new instruments, I want to build. Usually I'm stumbling over cables, but this time, it was an article about "Look Mum No Computer" and his amazing 100 Oscillator Drone Synthesizer. The text contains some words about "The Ghostix Labors Project"! ( Article is written in german )

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